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Tributo ao poder criativo de toda mulher.

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Daniela Zadek


Lugar do Sagrado Feminino, do poder criativo-recetivo, do milagre da vida.

Um espaço que se abre no corpo, no coração e na vida de uma mulher para vivenciar a doação e o amor incondicional.

Em agradecimento as nossas mães.


kundalini Necklace

O símbolo da nossa energia vital ascendendo a través dos chakras.

Presença e poder pessoal.

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lumina collection

You are here. Dare to shine.

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Daniela Zadek

Moon earrings with green fluorite

Mystery moon

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Lumina Collection

Wheigtless, playfull, luminous & daring


Bring on the light.

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Totem earring

modernista earrings

America earring

mediterranean mood

Contrasting colours on a white canvas

Daniela Zadek

angel wing´s necklace


less is more

Match the large jewellery pieces with simple & comfortable clothes for effortless elegance

exotica necklace


bold is beautiful

A stunning combination of gold plated agate, irregular cut citrines beads and black geodes

solaris collection

The geometry of light

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Exploring new territories...

Nuance kaftans and dresses have come from the desire to offer a simple yet stylish clothing line to complement the jewellery line.

They are made using carefully hand dyed natural fabrics matching the jewellery collections with comfort & sophistication.

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Nuance silk scarves.

Silk bliss. A true gift for the senses.

Each gradient was created to express a different emotion. The ecxtasis of colour with the uncomparable feel of pure silk.

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