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explore a wilder you

Step into a colour adventure

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Daniela Zadek

believe in colour

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mediterranean mood

Contrasting colours on a white canvas

Daniela Zadek

angel wing´s necklace


less is more

Match the large jewellery pieces with simple & comfortable clothes for effortless elegance

exotica necklace


bold is beautiful

A stunning combination of gold plated agate, irregular cut citrines beads and black geodes

solaris collection

The geometry of light

coming soon !

New arrival: Sacred Feminine Collection

uterus necklace

The sacred space that opens up in woman´s body to receive the miracle of life and experience devotion and unconditional love.

A tribute to the creative/receptive power in us.


kundalini Necklace

The symbol of our vital energy raising through the spinal cord,  energizing all of our chakras.

Prescense, personal empowerment, wholeness of being.

beyond jewellery..the launch of nuance.

Exploring new territories...

Nuance kaftans and dresses have come from the desire to offer a simple yet stylish clothing line to complement the jewellery line.

They are made using carefully hand dyed natural fabrics matching the jewellery collections with comfort & sophistication.

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Nuance silk scarves.

Silk bliss. A true gift for the senses.

Each gradient was created to express a different emotion. The ecxtasis of colour with the uncomparable feel of pure silk.

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