Life is a journey...

I am a nomad, curious soul, and a seeker into the world of the "form" and the "formless".

Jewellery making was part of my life from my early days and life has taken me back to it and back to Nature. It is for me an enormous pleasure to work with natural materials. I feel a deep respect and appreciation for the creativity we find in Nature. We need only to stop and observe to feel part of an amazing Oneness.

Though my work I intend to honor the Source of all creativity and connect women and their very own self expression to it, as this Source also lives in each one of us.


I graduated in Product Design at the University of Buenos Aires.  Working as a designer for Garrard, the Crown Jewellers of England,  was the big door into the world of professional jewellery design. After that invaluable experience I moved to Italy, where I gained access to the jewellery industry resources. This allowed me to learn and explore first hand a world of possibilities that broadened my view. I set up my workshop on the hills in the Italian countryside to start designing and creating from scratch, choosing the stones I would like to work with…in absolute freedom. I was immediately drawn to the amazing variations of textures and colours available in the mineral world. It was an explosion of inspiration.


The island of Ibiza ( a place I always return to on the Mediterranean sea), its beauty and incredible energy, has shown me a kind of freedom and plenitude I haven´t felt anywhere else. I have seen and experienced how much women can glow when they are connected and free to be who they are. This emotion and joy is also infused in my collections, since I see jewellery as a way to celebrate who you are and the gift of being alive.


Living in Brazil I discovered the universe of agate. A particular kind of stone which is actually made of a combination of different minerals, organized in surprising patterns and layers. It´s a stone with a life of its own and unique aesthetic qualities that captivated me from the start. Each agate is like a moment frozen in time. I feel each stone has a different energy and personality and it will be the stone calling the person she´s intended for. Not two stones are the same. The presence of quartz crystals in the agate composition gives the stone its protective and harmonizing qualities.


Each piece presented here is made with love and attention to details using the most beautiful minerals. You can trust that all components, from the chains to the threads, have been carefully chosen and matched in harmonious colour combinations to create a piece of jewellery that you will love to wear and will become your companion or even better, your talisman.

With much love,